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We’ve often been asked to help clients find the right school for their children at the same time as finding their ideal family home. However, we were recently set the challenge of advising on special schools for a client relocating to Aberdeen. We were able to advise our client on where to go, who to speak to, and then we helped them find a home that is perfect for the commute to both work and school.

I’ve included a summary of our findings here:

Educational Authority structure:
Aberdeen and its neighbouring towns are administrated by two local authorities, Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council. Both provide a number of state-funded special schools catering for pupils with special needs. Both councils have a policy of inclusion, such that if parents wish their child to be educated in a mainstream school, then the education authority will try to provide the appropriate resources.

Aberdeen City Council area:
The primary and most useful point of contact for information on schooling for special needs children in the Aberdeen city area is the Educational Psychology Service (EPS) within Aberdeen City Council.

All requests for admissions to any of the special schools in Aberdeen city should be made through the office of the Principal Educational Psychologist at the EPS.

There are several special schools in Aberdeen City Council’s area. There are two that can be accessed by anyone living anywhere in the city, i.e. Hazlewood and Woodlands, whereas the other resources are specific to each area – usually as a part of the mainstream schools.

Aberdeenshire Council area:
In the Aberdeenshire council area, there are 4 special schools. Similarly to Aberdeen, all admission requests through the Educational Psychology Service for Aberdeenshire Council.

Private Education:
There are also private schools providing specialist support for disabled children. Admission requests should be made directly to the schools.

Camphill School:
Camphill School caters for children with all disabilities. They have places for day pupils and boarding pupils. Their fees are assessed on the needs of the individual child and depend on the level of support each pupil requires. Additional fees may be required if individual care is required at night.

VSA Linn Moor School:
This is a small residential school run by the charity VSA. They specialise in children with autism.

Oakbank School:
This is a boarding school for 12-18 year olds with special needs.

International School Aberdeen:
The International School has recently relocated to brand new buildings and therefore has the infrastructure to support disabled children. However, it doesn’t specialise in special needs, so can’t provide the range of support available at other facilities.

Further Support:
I also contacted Capability Scotland, a charity providing support for disabled people in Scotland. Capability Scotland run two special schools of their own, however these are both located in the south of Scotland and would be impractical from Aberdeen.

Capability Scotland provide a useful guide for disabled people moving to Scotland.

This information was current at July 2010.

Posted on the 5th October, 2010

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